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His Holiness Presides Over The Hë-Vajra (Gye-pa Dorji ) Puja

January 25, 2009

His Holiness presided over the ongoing Hë-Vajra puja today at 8 am; the puja was initiated on January 21 and will be held until January 27 at Vajra Vidhya.

Tulku Dhamchoe and the head monks of Vajra Vidhya Institute offered Mandala to His Holiness.

During the Karma Kagyu Conference of 2002 His Holiness assigned each of Karma Kamtsang Monasteries a different Tantra to study and practice so that all major Tantras of the Kagyu Lineage would be preserved. The Vajra Vidhya was assigned the Hë-Vajra puja and has held the annual Hë-Vajra puja ever since.

The morning session of the puja concluded at 10 am.

His Holiness presided over the Hë-Vajra (Gye-pa Dorji ) puja, January 25, 2009
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