A New Year’s Message from the Karmapa

As the year 2017 draws to a close, I should like to extend my warmest New Year greetings to everyone. May you all enjoy good health, happiness and peace in the coming year.

I should especially like to take this opportunity to send my good wishes to all my students, supporters and friends in India. Due to unforeseen circumstances, in 2017 I have had to spend an extended time outside India, and have sorely missed many people there. I hope that I will be able to return soon. I regard India as my second home and remain deeply grateful to the Indian government for its continuing support not just for me but for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and the Tibetan exile community.

Though 2017 may have been a difficult and problematic year, the dawn of 2018 offers all of us fresh hope and the chance of a new beginning. We can make the determination to become more loving and more compassionate, to be a light wherever there is darkness, and to work to make our lives truly meaningful.