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Welcome to the Gyalwang Karmapa’s New Website


Hello and welcome to His Holiness the Gyalwang Karmapa’s new website!

Although the previous website has served us well for many years, it was decided that a new and more modern site was needed to help share news, content and information about the Karmapa. We have changed the design and layout to make it easier for visitors to find old information as well as keep up to date with the news about the Karmapa in India and around the world.

Some of the website’s new features include:

  • A news section
    We now have a dedicated section for all the Karmapa news and updates of his activities.
  • A news archive
    There is now a news archive which allows you to search through all the old updates.
  • Better linking
    You can now share and link to individual news items. This was not possible in the past. Click the title of a news update to go to its own individual page with separate URL for sharing.
  • Subscription options
    You can now subscribe to this website by email and get all the updates sent straight to your inbox.
  • Future features
    In the future we will be adding additional features for visitors and students like photos, videos and live teachings.

Re-designing a website this large often comes with some problems and errors so please be patient if you see something not quite working. The Office is working hard to ensure everything is perfect as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: You might notice that the URL structure has changed for the new website. If you run a website that links to the Kagyu Office please update your links and ensure that they all go to the correct pages.

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