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The Science of Climate Change and Practical Rainwater Harvesting

Conference on Environmental Protection – Day 6 – October 8, 2009 – Dharamsala

Dekil began with an account of climate change because of global warming, which has led to increased rainfall in some areas and drought in others,  glaciers in the Himalaya were shrinking, sea levels were rising, extreme weather events were increasing. In severely  affected areas, the population was forced to relocate leading to social unrest. The long-term consequences would be on power and water supplies.

Dekil then gave detailed instructions on rain water harvesting , how monasteries could collect rainwater from the rooftops, filter it and store it in tanks.


Environmental Destruction in Tibet

Tsering Yangkyi from TESI Environmental Awareness Movement gave a detailed presentation on what is happening in Tibet including deforestation and the effects of large-scale mining for minerals.


The Effects of Climate Change on Tibet

Chokyi, from the Environment and Development desk of the DIIR, showed  slides illustrating how climate change has already led to  shrinking glaciers and lakes,  degraded pasturelands, most memorable, the sacred Gang Rinpoche (Snow Rinpoche ie  Mt Kailash )  with hardly any snow on one face.

The Way Forward

In the penultimate session, the monasteries and nunneries presented their commitments.

Mandala Offering

The monastery representatives of India, Nepal and Bhutanese offered Mandala to His Holiness.

Tsurphu Labrang presented  gifts to the Speakers, Organising Committee and Monastic Representatives

Second Environmental Protection Conference for Kagyu Monasteries and Centers, Day 2

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