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Kagyu Office Administritive Structure and Contacts

The preliminary restructuring of the Office of Administration of the Gyalwang Karmapa has been reviewed. The structure w.e.f 23rd September, 2010 is as follows:

Mailing Address:

Camp: Gyuto Tantric University
P. O. Sidhbari-176 057
Dharamshala, District Kangra (H.P.) INDIA

Tel: +91 1892-235307
Fax: +91 1982-235744

Ven Drupon Rinpoche, General Secretary
Cell phone: +91 9418390690
Email: or

Mr. Karma Chugyalpa, Deputy General Secretary
Cell phone: +91 9434014010

Thupten Sherab, Accounts cum Appointment Secretary (Tibetan)
Phone: +91 9418294401

Lama Phuntsok, Publicity & Publishing Manager

Karma Tenkyong Wangpo, Human Resource Manager
Phone: +91 9882329664

Gompo Tsering, Public Relation Officer
Phone: +91 9816045556

Karma Thinley Yongdu, Supplies & Procurement Manager
Tsering Phuntsok
Phone: +91 9816628697

Chemed Choegyal, Appointment Secretary (English)
Phone: +91 9816315336

Mr. Sonam Tsewang, Delhi Branch Office Manager
Phone: +91 9818943684

Khenpo Ghawang, Coordinator (Recognizing and Reincarnation and Matters)
Phone: +91 9434300350

Karma Tsultrim Tharchin, Asst. Coordinator (Recognizing and Reincarnation Matters)
Phone: +91 9418080378

Woser Rabten, Coordinator (Monastery & Dharma Center Matters)
Phone: +91-9882009544
Updated October 6, 2010