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Member of Italian Foreign Affairs Committee Expresses Solidarity & Office Denies Baseless Claim that China SIM Cards Found

7 February, 2011. Dharamsala

The Karmapa Office of Administration gratefully acknowledges the overwhelming support for His Holiness the Karmapa from well-wishers all across India and from around the world. Today, Matteo Mecacci, a member of the Italian Parliament, paid a personal visit to His Holiness the Karmapa at his residence in Dharamsala. While expressing faith and respect for the Indian judicial process, the Italian MP—who serves on the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian Chamber of Deputies—also expressed his solidarity with His Holiness the Karmapa during this trying period. He requested spiritual solidarity in return from His Holiness.

We were also pleased to see some fair and balanced coverage in the media over the weekend. However, we again completely deny the libelous press reports claiming that Chinese SIM cards were found on our premises. This constitutes libel and outright defamation of character. No SIM cards were taken. No SIM cards are listed on the seizure memos issued by the police themselves. Inspector Ramesh Rama of the Kangra police—who was one of the officers conducting the police raids—today confirmed what our Office already knew. He stated that the Kangra police knew nothing of such SIM cards and were as puzzled as we are by the reports that such SIM cards had been seized.

The charge of espionage is a matter with grave consequences. His Holiness the Karmapa is a highly revered spiritual leader of a Buddhist order with millions of devotees worldwide. He has the unwavering confidence and support of His Holiness the Dalai Lama as well as the entire Tibetan Government-in-exile. By repeating such unfounded claims without even bothering to check facts or seek comment, the media printing such fabrications is engaging in blatant character assassination.  The Karmapa Office of Administration has issued letters to the editors of the relevant publications seeking an immediate retraction and apology.


Karma Topden
Former Indian Ambassador to Mongolia,
Former Member of Parliament
Adviser to Karmapa Office of Administration

Deki Chungyalpa
Adviser to Karmapa Office of Administration
(91) 8894 502 910

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