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Four Line Aspiration Prayer
by His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa


Unequaled son of Shuddhodhana, foremost
     among human beings,

Guru Padmakara, a second Buddha,

Düsum Kyenpa, founder of the teaching
     tradition of the Practice Lineage,

I supplicate you: grant your blessings

Having reached the age of nine years, this was written during the festival of Saga Dawa of the Water-bird year of the 17th Rabjung (1993) at the Dharma Palace of Tsur Dowo Lung. By the one blessed by having received the name Buddha Karmapa, and called Pal Khyabdak Rangjung Ugyen Gyalwae Nyugu Trinley Dorje Tsal Choklé Nampar Gyalwae Dé. May this be virtuous.[1]


HH Karmapa's 4 line poem in his original handwriting

HH Karmapa's 4 line poem in his original handwriting


Since blessing his disciples with his first poem shortly after arriving at his ancestral seat in Tsurphu, His Holiness has unleashed a stream of songs, poems, paintings and teachings. We will gradually provide some samples of these at this website.

[1] Translated by The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and Martin Marvet.