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Karmapa Inaugurates Tsang Menthang Exhibition

June 27, 2011. Dharamshala

His Holiness Gyalwang Karmapa inaugurate an exhibition of traditional Tibetan Thangka painting at the Tsuglakkhang complex. He commended the artists for their work and encouraged them to spread the tradition of their unique Tibetan Traditional Art of Tsang Menthang, highlighting the importance of many reincarnations of His Holiness Penchen Rinpoche’s role in keeping this lineage unbroken.

“In our traditional Thanka painting, we only paint Buddha and other deities. I usually feel that it is important to paint the life story of Tibetan people, in that way we can explore more areas of our tradition and culture. We can keep our culture in this manner” said His Holiness.

His Holiness was accompanied by the minister of Religion and culture; Tsering Phuntsok. The Thangka teacher, Buchung Nugbya, introduced the ancient lineage of Tsang Menthang, of Tibetan Traditional Arts.

Later Gyalwang Karmapa visited His Holiness Dalai lama at his residence, followed by a short visit to Tibetan Library of Tibetan Works and Archives.

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