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His Holiness Presides Over Säng Puja

March 25, 2009 – Vajra Vidhya Institute, Sarnath.

This day is the 29th day and the “Earth-Water coincidence” according to Tibetan Lunar calendar. The Säng Duë Tse Trin Phung puja is usually practiced during the right conditions, such as this day, to spread lasting peace. His Holiness presided over the Säng puja at 7 am where Kyabje Khenchen Yongzin Thrangu Rinpoche and all the participants of the Environmental Protection Conference were present. The members of Kagyu Committee also attended the Säng puja.

After the conclusion of the puja, His Holiness planted a white sandalwood tree on the lawn of Vajra Vidhya Institute to mark the successful completion of 1st Environmental Protection Conference for Kagyu Monasteries.

March 27, Vajra Vidhya Institute

His Holiness performed the Lama Gyang Boe and Nedhon Chag Choe prayer in morning, Kyabje Khenchen Yongzin Thrangu Rinpoche attended the prayer at the main shrine hall.

His Holiness will be leaving for Delhi in the afternoon and will be in Gyuto, Dharamsala, on March 30th.

His Holiness presided over Säng Puja

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