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His Holiness Gives Instructions on Environmental Consciousness

April 20, 2009 – Gyuto, Dharamsala

At 2:30pm His Holiness gathered all the Tsurphu Labrang (Karmapa’s Office of Administration) staff members, those working Gyuto, to his audience chamber. His Holiness gave a brief introduction about environmental consciousness and how humans have created problems to upset the natural balance of the environment.

His Holiness explained that there are many ways to protect the environment. One simple manner of conduct is for us to contemplate the origin of products that we use daily, tracing back how it was made. Products we use start from a raw material source, and energy is consumed to get it to your table. We should consider that we can choose products and use products that are eco-friendly. Tracing the origins of products is one of the many methods that His Holiness introduced.

His Holiness also conveyed that the protection of the environment is truly a Buddhist act as it benefits the whole ecosystem.

His Holiness gives instructions on environmental consciousness

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