• “What I Give Away is Mine”: the Gyalwang Karmapa’s Advice as the 34th Kagyu Monlam Ends

    19 February, 2017 – Monlam Pavilion, Bodhgaya
    The last afternoon of the 34th Kagyu Mönlam started slightly earlier than usual with a Medicine Buddha tsok practice according to the Concise Ritual of Offering to the Seven Tathagatas, compiled by the 6th Sharmapa. Tsok, in the form of small bags of fruit, was distributed to each and every participant, sangha and lay followers alike, and money offerings...

  • Celebrating the Life of the Eighth Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche: A Ritual of Offerings to the Gurus

    19 February, 2017 – Monlam Pavilion, Bodhgaya
    The extensive Ritual of Offerings to the Gurus, always performed on the last day of the Kagyu Monlam Chenmo, was composed in 2005 by His Holiness the 17th Karmapa. It is a compilation drawn from many famous Buddhist texts.  The puja often serves as a memorial to a particular Lama who has passed away, and this year a large portrait photograph of the...

  • Reviving the Tradition of the Cotton-Clad Yogis

    19 February, 2017 – Monlam Pavilion, Bodhgaya
    The source for all practices and traditions that are followed at the Kagyu Monlam is the Seventh Karmapa, Chödrak Gyatso (1454-1506). In a letter to Minyak Gang Monastery in Kham, Chödrak Gyatso described how to combine the practices of the Six Yogas with the Monlam they were practicing. The letter detailed what to do, which texts to chant, and the...

  • Awards Ceremony for the 20th Kagyu Gunchoe and the Examination of Monastic Forms

    19 February, 2017 – Monlam Pavilion, Bodhgaya
    Monlam Pavilion, Bodhgaya
    A lively demonstration by monks from the 20th Kagyu Gunchoe of their debating skills on the topic Turning the Wheel of Dharma preceded the awards for the Gunchoe debate competition. This was followed by a long dedication monologue delivered by Lhagpa Yeshe, a monk from Benchen Shedra. This composition containing sections...

  • Memorial Service for His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the late King of Thailand

    18 February, 2017 – Monlam Pavilion, Bodhgaya

    “This is probably a very rare opportunity for us from the Tibetan tradition to invite so many Bikkhus and I think that it is historically significant”

    With those words the Gyalwang Karmapa marked the day of the memorial service for His Majesty the late King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej.
    Prior to this unique event, meant to embody...

  • The Procession of the Sixteen Arhats

    18 February, 2017Monlam Pavilion, Bodhgaya
    The Kagyu Mönlam is an auspicious gathering that generates immense devotion in its participants, and amongst its events, none does it more than the Procession of the Sixteen Arhats, which took place in the morning on the sixth day. Anticipation began the evening before, with the announcement that Mönlam Members were to line up to frame the procession,...